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Industrial space couldn’t be farther from warehousing

Warehouse Space and Industrial Space is commonly confused but there is a difference. That difference lies in how the space will be used by the business.

Warehouse space is best thought of as storage. But that’s a bit too simplistic. Anyone who has ever managed a warehouse knows there’s a lot more to it than piling boxes on top of one another.

Best Solutions for Industrial Space

Industrial space couldn’t be farther from warehousing, even though the terms are used interchangeably. Industrial space may take the form of a warehouse, but it may not. Industrial space is a place where a business can manufacture, fabricate, assemble, have employees, conduct meetings, so on and so forth. In several of our Megacenter locations we can accommodate our tenants with large flexible spaces that can be warehouse spaces or industrial outlets. Please contact the location nearest you if you have interest in warehouse or industrial spaces.

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Mario Gomez

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"Great service and very professional. Ruben does a fantastic job and have a great customer service with customers."

Harry Germeus

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"The team at the Willowbrook location is super helpful and accommodating. They quickly addressed my needs and were pleasant to work with."

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Most Frequently Asked Questions?

  • What is the zoning?

    Megacenter will ensure the property is zoned for warehouse use.

  • What is the currently approved use?

    Depending on the location Megacenter can only offer warehouse space in specific locations. They are: ??????? If the property was previously approved for warehouse & distribution use, and if your use is manufacturing, we will need to apply for a change of use permit.

  • What electrical power is available?

    If you’re a manufacturing business, then you probably need a lot more electrical power than average. At Megacenter we would help you plan for your unique power needs.

  • What is the clear height?

    If you want to maximize your ability to store products, then you need high ceilings. We will provide property plans that will have the dimensions of the location you are planning to lease.

  • What type of loading is available?

    In the locations we offer warehouse spacewe provide grade level or dock high loading. If you’re expecting deliveries via 18-wheeler trucks, then you need dock high.

  • Is the truck court big enough for 18 wheelers?

    Just because it has dock high loading does not mean the truck court is big enough for an 18-wheeler to back in or be able to turn around. Definitely find if the area is big enough to accommodate your truck deliveries.

  • Is the warehouse sprinklered?

    Not every warehouse has sprinklers, but you may be required to have them depending on your business.

  • Can I park vehicles overnight?

    In many cases, companies want to park trucks overnight, though not every location will allow this. Some locations may have bad security, putting your vehicles at risk of vandalism.

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