Why Rent your Retail Space at Megacenter

Sometimes you just need to make room for all those things that matter

Retail Space

Are you ready for additional foot traffic? Our retail spaces are for a variety of companies to sell their goods or services to customers throughout the day. Budgeting and space planning are critical when seeking retail space to accommodate your personalized business plan. Megacenter’s experienced team of designers and space planners will walk you through each process. Acquiring retail space does not have to be difficult, we’ll Megacenter’s retail and showroom opportunities are an essential part of our mixed-use offerings. We make sure that our team of building and space planning experts accommodate your budget and business plan. We make sure all of our locations are developed around important highways and thoroughfares to provide a place where your goods and services can be sold. Showroom space is an alternative for a retail establishment and can be curated to present an environment and experience your customers will enjoy. Our designers and space planners are an experienced team of experts that will make this process an exciting part of your business plan.
Our retail and showroom options provide the perfect atmosphere to grow your business. And when needed, you have the option of storing business supplies and additional inventory all in one place.

Showroom Space

At Megacenter, we build space allowing you to use your creative genius to strategically design, place the right touch of lighting, arrange and display your products. As a business owner, this gives you the opportunity to create an atmosphere a customer will enjoy visiting. More importantly, a showroom provides customers a full visual and hands on experience of your brand. So, if you’re ready to unleash the innovator in you and to get your customers engaged; showroom space is for you. With our flexible terms and conditions, you can optimize your flow of traffic today!

Benefits & Amenities of Megacenter

  • High-speed internet
  • Wifi
  • Purified Water
  • Janitorial Services
  • Conference Rooms
  • On-Site Managers
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Tech Support
  • Lunch Room
  • Lounge Area
  • Parking

All of our solutions are a good fit for professionals and businesses who need retail and showroom space for a pop-up store or on extended terms. Megacenter can have your business up and running in hours. Services provided are designed to enable clients to grow their business while we focus on delivering an exceptional retail or showroom space.


Our staff members are professional, gracious, and ready to assist.
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