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Our retail spaces are all attractive storefronts for a variety of companies to sell their goods and services to shoppers. When looking for a retail space, it is important to plan for your budget and square footage needs ahead of time and to understand some basics about commercial property leasing. At Megacenter we can help with this strategic planning with our experienced team of designers and space planners.

At Megacenter we believe in location, location, location to ensure that our retail partners have high visibility off of main streets or highways that provide lots of traffic to their stores. We also always have plenty of parking for your customers and provide easy access to each retail outlet.

What is a showroom?

According to analysts, showrooms may be the logical next evolutionary step for retailing, in part because many consumers are already using showrooms as a user-friendly unique display of product on view. Showrooms are another way to better cater to consumer needs in the 21st century.A Megacenter showroom is a place designed to allow customers to try and experience a product before a purchase.

We provide environments that allow showroom customers an opportunity to get to know your products better, with the understanding that the final purchase or transaction will take place online. With an opportunity to utilize our storage capability provided in each of our locations Megacenter provides state of the art locations. The use of our storage and showroom capability is the perfect scenario for new businesses. A showroom is the perfect place for on-line products to provide the touch experience to customers.Megacenter showrooms create experiential environments that will fulfill customers in new and innovative ways.

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  • Flexible Contracts
  • Elevator Access
  • 24 Hour Surveillance
  • Climate Controlled


Megacenter Brickell

"Excellent place for Offices and the Staff are very professional and friendly !! a good experience."

Mario Gomez

Megacenter Miramar

"Great service and very professional. Ruben does a fantastic job and have a great customer service with customers."

Harry Germeus

Megacenter Willowbrook

"The team at the Willowbrook location is super helpful and accommodating. They quickly addressed my needs and were pleasant to work with."

Rebecca Swindle

Most Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Have You Read and Understood the Entire Lease?

    Yes, you do need to read it—and ask any questions at the signing of your lease. It might be a little long and not very interesting document, but we make clear what we are offering on all our leases at Megacenter.

  • Is the office space adequately wired for your business and equipment needs?

    At Megacenter we make sure all of our buildings offer our tenants adequate power needs for the 21st century. Our buildings offer all internet connection wiring and enough outlets to service each office space. Our kitchens are shared spaces with microwaves and appliances suited for a regular business environment.

  • What’s included in the lease?

    Your costs for leasing office space with Megacenter includes electric, security access, parking, Trash pick-up, power outlets in the monthly rent cost. Find out in advance what expenses are and are not included as part of your agreement. What utilities will you have to pay for? Will you have to pay for trash pickup, cleaning services, snow plowing in the winter, or any other common area fees? If something isn’t included, ask how much the monthly cost has been in the past. Don’t be taken by surprise after you sign your lease. It is a policy of Megacenter to be clear and upfront.

  • Who handles repairs?

    Megacenter handles repairs in all public areas but will make sure all building construction details are also well maintained. Within the retail spaces if displays or any office furniture or equipment is in need of repair this responsibility will fall to the tenant.

  • Is there enough parking?

    If you are a retail tenant you will be allotted two parking spaces for employees unless otherwise determined. If you serve multiple customers, with a lot of employees, you and your customer may not always be able to find places to park. The best way to tell: Check out the parking lot on different days and different times of the day.

  • Can you assign the lease, sublet the space?

    Most leases say that you need the landlord’s permission to assign the lease to someone else, or even to sublet the space.

  • Can you get an "out" clause written into the lease?

    Not every warehouse has sprinklers, but you may be required to have them depending on your business.

  • Can I park vehicles overnight?

    Each lease is negotiated individually or through a company. The Megacenter policy is to negotiate a lease and a time that is applicable to the business and make it imperative to honor that agreement.

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