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Sometimes you just need to make room for all those things that matter

Sometimes You Just Need To Make Room For All Those Things That Matter

When your home is overflowing and there’s no more room in any closets, your garage is full, or your homeowner’s associations limits your ability to create space at home. It simply means it’s time to de-clutter and let a storage unit create the difference. Give yourself piece of mind and make your life stress free and more organized.

You don't have to throw away anything that holds memorable sentiment or is of personal value. When you’re short of space and need to make room, a storage unit will allow you to keep those memorable sentiments that are valuable to you nearby and retrieve them conveniently.

Make Room for Life's Transitions

Whether you're downsizing, relocating or making space for a grandparent or a college grad who's moving back home, life is full of surprises that require a little extra space. Whenever you need more room call or contact Megacenter so we can help with life’s surprises.

Business Storage

Now is the time to downsize those overhead costs in leasing large office spaces. At Megacenter, we have special offers to accommodate your business storage needs and office space in the same location at affordable prices. Our tax-deductible business solutions make it possible to store your business inventory or equipment at a fraction of the cost. Ask about our commercial self-storage programs.

Megacenter Benefits Are For You. Storage, Office Space, Retail Showroom and Warehouse

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • One Month Free
  • Flexible Contracts
  • Elevator Access
  • 24 Hour Surveillance
  • Climate Controlled

Make Room for New Memebers of the family

It may be time to make some space for all those baby belongings, you know cribs, strollers, bassinets, and that changing station. The good news is you don't have to sacrifice your personal belongings to make room for your special ones. With our flexible month to month rental agreement, we make temporary storage a breeze. As your child goes through each milestone, you will have the convenience of storing their items for the next baby in line.

Got a new Job Offer in Another City?

New job offers that require relocation can be exciting but does come with big decisions. So, if you're moving to a new home across town or a different country we can help with your moving plans. Storage units give you peace of mind and flexibility in secure, climate-controlled easily accessible locations.

Military Deployment

Are you being deployed and concerned about what to do with items valuable to you? Considering deployment can put you through a cycle of emotions. Know that you can leave on deployment with no worries. We'll assist you in selecting a climate-controlled unit that's just right for you to store your valuable items while you're away. Remember, deployment isn't forever, so when you return your items will be right where you left them, safe and secure at Megacenter.

Going on an Adventure?

Checking off your bucket list and going on an adventure, whether it is a backpacking trip to capture the Northern Lights or trekking to the summit of Ojos del Salado some planning is often necessary. Sometimes it is nice just to take off and know that all of the things you left behind are safe and appropriately stored for your return. So, for those who have a free spirit, leave the worry to us and enjoy life's greatest pleasure…travel. We are here as an excellent solution for those who do not want to pay rent while in distant countries or going off to college.


Megacenter Brickell

"Excellent place for Offices and the Staff are very professional and friendly !! a good experience."

Mario Gomez

Megacenter Miramar

"Great service and very professional. Ruben does a fantastic job and have a great customer service with customers."

Harry Germeus

Megacenter Willowbrook

"The team at the Willowbrook location is super helpful and accommodating. They quickly addressed my needs and were pleasant to work with."

Rebecca Swindle

Most Frequently Asked Questions?

  • What size unit do I need?

    At Megacenter we try to make these important decisions easy. We provide a Sizing Guide for each one of our locations. Depending on the height you may need for that favorite paddle board or kayak, we are happy we can offer this feature in most of our locations. Furniture sizes may vary but our sizing guides can make this estimation in order todetermine the approximatesize. You call also call one of our on-site customer service representatives who can provide you with prompt support. Boxes can be stacked and fragile items can come crated. All of your items will be within an air-conditioned work environment.

  • Do I need insurance?

    Insuring your items while they are in storage is highly recommended. We have well secured facilities which are new structures in your area. However, now with climate change we can have a hurricane, tornado or flooding so it is advisable to obtain insurance for your important valuables. You can check your current Homeowners insurance or renter’s insurance policy to see if these items can be added. We also offer our reasonably priced self-storage insurance simply ask one of our building managers or sales team. This can be added at the time of rental or can be added later.

  • Can I pay for storage by automatic debit or online payments?

    You can pay for your storage by automatic debit or credit card payment. You can also create an account on line and pay your monthly fee on-line. The on-site staff can help you set this up for your convenience.

  • Are online payments safe?

    All of your on-line payments will be submitted to our secure on-line server and is encrypted so that none of your information can be seen or intercepted by a third party. Our SSL Certificate guarantees that we have a fully validated and secure on-line server.

  • Can I reserve my unit online?

    You can reserve your unit online for any of our locations.

  • Is there a minimum rental term?

    The minimum rental term is three months. Each monthly fee will continue through the duration of your contract.

  • Can I bring my own lock?

    Yes, we encourage you to bring your own lock or we can sell you one of secure locks at all of our facilities.

  • Are you open on holidays?

    All of our facilities are open every day except on Major Holidays: Christmas, New Years, Thanks Giving, 4th of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day.

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