• What is the zoning?

    Approved zoning designations allow for the development of our warehouse space and meet municipal regulations.

  • What is the currently approved use?

    Depending on your business; please contact the local Planning & Zoning Advisory Board for designation of uses allowed, requirements for use, and guidelines.

  • What electrical power is available?

    If you are a manufacturing business, then you probably need a lot more electrical power than average. At Megacenter we can review the complexities of your business to discuss an electrical system that meets the needs of your business and options to accomplish design requirements.

  • What is the clear height?

    Your ability to store products is important for you and usable height can make a difference in your operation. Please contact customersupport@megacenterus.com and we’ll provide layouts and dimensions of the location you are inquiring about.

  • Is the truck court big enough for 18-wheelers?

    Just because it has dock high loading does not mean the truck court is big enough for an 18-wheeler to back in or will be able to turn around. We can provide layouts and minimum dimensions, but it is always best to request a tour to be sure lane width, turning radius, and turn around arms, meet your standards for usage to accommodate your truck deliveries.

  • Is the space a fully sprinklered warehouse?

    Sprinkler types vary at locations. Depending on your business you may need a specific type of sprinkler system designed for higher temperature ratings and larger orifices sizes. Contact customersupport@megacenterus.com and we’ll assist you in determining what sprinkler system is currently installed in the warehouse location of interest.

  • Can I park vehicles overnight?

    You can park vehicles overnight in your leased space. Unauthorized vehicles outside of leased spaces are subject to towing. Client recognizes that the Operator or the Facility’s proprietor does not give protection to motor/engine vehicles. Client consents to preserve and maintain at Client’s cost, an active policy of fire and expanded coverage for the scope of burglary, vandalism, and malevolent approbations for the full value of Client’s stored or parked vehicle.


  • Have You Read and Understood the Entire Lease?

    Yes, you do need to read it—and ask any questions at the signing of your lease. It might be a little long and not very interesting document, but we make clear what we are offering on all our leases at Megacenter.

  • Is the office space adequately wired for your business and equipment needs?

    At Megacenter we make sure all of our buildings offer our tenants adequate power needs for the 21st century. Our buildings offer all internet connection wiring and enough outlets to service each office space. Our kitchens are shared spaces with microwaves and appliances suited for a regular business environment.

  • What’s included in the lease?

    Your costs for leasing office space with Megacenter includes electric, security access, parking, Trash pick-up, power outlets in the monthly rent cost. Find out in advance what expenses are and are not included as part of your agreement. What utilities will you have to pay for? Will you have to pay for trash pickup, cleaning services, snow plowing in the winter, or any other common area fees? If something isn’t included, ask how much the monthly cost has been in the past. Don’t be taken by surprise after you sign your lease. It is a policy of Megacenter to be clear and upfront.

  • Who handles repairs?

    Megacenter handles repairs in all public areas but will make sure all building construction details are also well maintained. Within the retail spaces if displays or any office furniture or equipment is in need of repair this responsibility will fall to the tenant.

  • Is there enough parking?

    If you are a retail tenant you will be allotted two parking spaces for employees unless otherwise determined. If you serve multiple customers, with a lot of employees, you and your customer may not always be able to find places to park. The best way to tell: Check out the parking lot on different days and different times of the day.

  • Can you assign the lease, sublet the space?

    Most leases say that you need the landlord’s permission to assign the lease to someone else, or even to sublet the space.

  • Can you get an “out” clause written into the lease?

    Not every warehouse has sprinklers, but you may be required to have them depending on your business.

  • Can I park vehicles overnight?

    Each lease is negotiated individually or through a company. The Megacenter policy is to negotiate a lease and a time that is applicable to the business and make it imperative to honor that agreement.


  • Do you offer short-term leases? What is the minimum lease term that I must commit to?

    We offer both short-term and long-term leases. Here are some helpful tips for negotiating a flexible office lease.

  • What is included in the lease price?

    Rent typically includes taxes, maintenance, parking and janitorial services. The tenant is responsible for telecom, additional parking charges, or other charges related to the tenant occupying the space. Different buildings offer different leases, so make sure you ask this question when touring workspaces.

  • What are some of the competitive advantages of leasing with Megacenter?

    Megacenter has suites in many sizes available immediately across South Florida and Houston. We also offer competitive rental rates with a simple leasing process and flexible terms. You can also expand at any time during your lease term, even if you need to move to another building.

  • Megacenter offers specials or leasing incentives?

    Megacenter offers some of the most competitive rental rates in the market. We may occasionally offer additional incentives and expansion specials for existing tenants depending on the building. Contact your Megacenter building manager today to inquire about any current specials.

  • What is the termination fee if I break my lease?

    You are responsible for the entire contracted lease term and amount as noted on your lease.

  • All of Megacenter leases start on the 1st of the month, can I move-in mid-month?

    Yes, you can move in mid-month, we would pro-rate the rent for that month.

  • Do I need a broker to lease an office?

    Megacenter has leasing agents for all of our buildings so a broker isn’t necessary if you don’t have one. We will also happily work with your brokers if you have one.

  • I want to sign a lease, but I don’t have a name for my company yet. Is that okay?

    Yes, that’s okay your company name does not have to match your tenant name.

  • What do I have to pay to get my keys today?

    First month’s rent and security deposit must be paid to get your keys today.

  • What if I need more space and my current lease isn’t up yet? Can I expand during my current lease term? What if I want to move to another Megacenter building?

    At any point during your lease, you may relocate only from a Megacenter-owned building into another Megacenter owned building without breaking your lease. Consider renting enough space for any expected growth through your initial lease term and ask your leasing agent about expansion options.

  • What forms of identification do I need to apply for a lease?

    Prospective tenants need to supply some form of government ID to the leasing representative. This is typically in the form of a driver’s license, passport, or state-issued id.