How to Declutter Your Home During Covid-19

Sometimes you just need to make room for all those things that matter

June 23, 2020

How to Declutter Your Home During Covid-19

How to Declutter Your Home During Covid-19.

If your home is overflowing and there is no more room in any closets or garage a storage unit can help get life more organized. We are all in some kind of stay at home orders due to Covid-19. Many of us given the circumstances needs to work at home. Or make room for children’s play area or home-schooling sessions. So, for whatever the reason Megacenter self-storage units are a perfect option for your needs. It is important to select the right size unit for your needs and Megacenter’s sizing guide with their clear video animations makes selecting a storage unit remotely relatively easy. The also offer customer support at or call one of their on staff location managers at 1(305) 800.6342 and they are happy to assist you. Don’t let your storage unit become cluttered and disorganized from the start. Or if you have one of our units already perhaps, we can help you reorganize this space. Keep your memories where you can see them again anytime you want. Old equipment like VCRs or doll collections should be re-evaluated from time to time. We make this possible with our well-lit air-conditioned security monitored availability. You don’t want your storage unit to become a depository of all kinds of junk. Decluttering your home or office is very important now more than ever during Covid-19.


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